Most of us know that garlic has numerous health benefits but did you know that garlic can treat athlete's foot? A recent article in the New York Times reported that garlic has a 100% cure rate for athlete's foot compared to a 94% cure rate for Lamisil.


"Shallots are for babies; Onions are for men; Garlic is for heroes." -unknown


Hardneck Garlic

Shantung Purple

HARDNECK GARLIC(Turban) – A gorgeous Chinese garlic variety boasting a relatively small number of big cloves (6-8 cloves per bulb). Grows well in both hot and cold climates. Early maturing. Easy to peel. Stores 4-6 months.

FLAVOR: Earthy, sweet with moderate heat.

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HARDNECK GARLIC (Turban) – An outstanding garlic originating in China. Very early maturing. Gorgeous, deep red striped bulbs with fat cloves and shiny brown clove skins. You will not find a more beautiful garlic. Stores 5-6 months.

FLAVOR: Medium strong, zesty but not overly hot.

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Italian Purple Stripe

HARDNECK GARLIC (Purple Stripe) – An Italian garlic also known as “Gambino” and “Easy Peel”. Widely grown in the Ohio valley and Northeastern United States. Lovely purple and white stripes. Known for its full flavor but lack of sting.

FLAVOR: Strong, rich, and deep.

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German Porcelain

HARDNECK GARLIC (Porcelain) – Porcelain garlics are the densest of all garlics and are generally large, therefore they provide the most bang for your buck from a healthy eating perspective with flavor to boot. Large easy to peel cloves.

FLAVOR: Rich full flavor without the heat.

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